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5 Surefire Ways to Overcome Writers Block

diy-marketing-writers-blockDo you ever get writers block?

Do you ever think, “Wow! If I could write like them…” or “For the love, this writing is killing me! How do I keep up?

Maybe you’ve even said to yourself, “I’m a crappy writer! How do people do this everyday and how do they make money doing it?”

You want to know the dirty little secret?

They’ve embraced their voice.

Really. It’s that simple. And YOU can do it too.

The only extra special thing about a great writer is their distinguished voice and practice. You can have both of those. Once you embrace your voice and have some practice behind you, writer’s block will be a thing of the past. Sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it?

The only thing holding you back is yourself. So here are five surefire ways you can learn to embrace your voice, build your audience and never have writers block again.


diy-marketing-dont-worryThere is no one else in existence like you. Embrace that. Be confident about that. It will be the catalyst to your writing success. When you embrace your unique voice – the one that God gave you – you will dissolve the main frustration of writers block: not knowing exactly what to write or which direction to build a story or post.

There are some who may be ‘natural-born writers,’ it may come with a little less practice for them. But those are far and few between. Learning to write well is as much of a learned skill as it is a gift or talent. So, if you don’t feel ‘gifted’ in the writing arena, don’t dismiss yourself and don’t lean on it as a crutch. With practice and your own voice you’ll be writing and building an audience in no time.

#2 Get Over the Rules

diy-marketing-rulesYour a blogger, a storyteller, a reporter, a detective… use your voice! Don’t let rules get in your way. Be confident enough to write your own rules. Traditional, conventional rules will cramp your style, they should always come last. They’ll give you a writer’s block migraine if you let them control you.

Have you ever dreaded writing? Is it the worst thing on your ‘to-do list’? Do you do everything else before you write? Do you want to write, and know you should write, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it regularly? If so, then you’re probably letting the rules of writing run your style instead of letting your voice do the talking. When you’ve embraced your unique voice – who you are – and learned to let the rules go by the wayside, you will find yourself waking up in the middle of the night bursting at the seams to write. It will be therapeutic for you and engaging for your audience. So don’t let the rules run you.

#3 Use Your Language

diy-marketing-languageUse your language, your words….. brand yourself without trying! Just be YOU.

Your language is part of your brand. Write naturally, the way you converse with someone. Use your funny, quirky phrases that brand your voice and define your style. Don’t be afraid of you.

Think about when you get that epiphany for your next post, you get all giddy inside and you can tell the whole world how you feel about the topic in social media, on the phone or face-to-face, but as soon as you try to put it into a post, something crazy happens, you get writer’s block!

Know why?

Because you try and ‘write it’ instead of speak it! Speak it to the world through your writing. Give them the chance to be in your home, at your office or in the car with you while you talk about this awesome idea or principle that will solve their problems. Quit writing and start talking.

#4 Get Into the Flow

diy-marketing-writingOnce you’ve embraced your voice, let the rules go and just started talking, it’s time to get in the flow and practice. With those three foundational principles in place, now your ready to practice like the pro’s.

Your voice and writing will be more deliberate, more succinct and more powerful if you’ll embrace this ‘warm-up’ strategy from Copyblogger. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s something you can and should do everyday with your voice and your rules. They talk about warming up, I’ll add my two-cents about organizing your warm-ups for long-term success too…

The concept is great:

  1. Set the timer for three to five minutes and just write.
  2. Don’t write for quality, write for quantity.
  3. Once you start,don’t let your pencil come off the paper or your fingers off the keyboard. Just write. Purge what’s in your mind and let it naturally come out onto the paper without any formatting whatsoever.

This is a great warm-up idea. I highly suggest you start every writing session with it and some fresh air. Then here is what I would add, keep your brainstorm sessions together. I use Evernote, you can use Google docs, Word or a notepad. Whatever works for you. Keep your notes together for three reasons:

  1. For a sense of accomplishment. This ‘journal’ will be a way for you to measure your growth and be proud of yourself!
  2. To be accountable. I date every brainstorm session so I don’t miss a day. Call me compulsive, maybe, but it works. I don’t want to have a journal that misses a day (unless it’s Sunday, I like to take Sundays off no matter what.)
  3. It becomes your own encyclopedia of ideas. Use it as a tool to get content ideas and outlines.

#5 Don’t Force It

Don’t force it. If it’s a short post – great, leave it. If it’s long, fine. But don’t ever confine yourself to a certain number of words. Don’t let anything control and guide your writing except the idea you are writing about and of course the AUDIENCE you’re writing for.

And remember, overtime your voice will change, that’s OK. Let it evolve naturally. Don’t force it, don’t shy away from it. Let it be. Let it be who you are and what your brand is all about.

Now, get out there and #MAXthat writing potential. Let your voice be your brand. Don’t hide behind someone else’s!

Questions about your writing voice? Leave them in the comments or send a tweet @weMAXthat and we’ll be sure to answer.

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Bonnie Andrews

Bonnie Andrews

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  • http://twitter.com/MattLBrennan Copywriter Matt

    Great post. I have more success with #4 than anything. Sometimes you psych yourself out, and just need to settle in and write. Also, it’s real easy to start editing as you write, which is a bad idea. At that point, you just need to write! You can always go back and make changes before you publish.

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Thanks, Matt. Agreed! It’s too easy to get to version 101 before you post; by then it’s all convoluted and ugly anyway. Looking forward to following you @MattLBrennan

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrienneebolton Adrienne Bolton

    Great tips! Writer’s block can really be a downer. I love the last one. Don’t force it. When I feel like I can’t come up with anything, it’s best to just step away and do soemthing else for a while.

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Hi, Adrienne! I agree with you 100 percent! Thanks for stopping by :)

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  • http://makingourlifematter.com/ Making Our Life Matter

    This is a great post. I am having some trouble getting the thoughts out of my head onto the blog post in an organized manner.

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Your blog looks great! Organizing – that’s a great article to follow-up with. I’ll see what I have in my bag of tricks for you ;)

      • http://makingourlifematter.com/ Making Our Life Matter

        Thanks Bonnie!

  • http://familialramblings.com/ Felicia

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I’ve been struggling a lot with my writing and it’s been going on for the past few months! I haven’t written consistently and I’m not sure if that’s harmful to my blog or not, but I’ve noticed the more I try to force myself to write, the less it happens. I’m certainly going to take these tips to heart. Amazing post, thank you!

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Felicia, you’re so welcome. I hope it helps free you enough to write more consistently – that will definitely be beneficial for your blog :) (and hopefully you too!)

  • Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    These points really spoke to me. The words flow best for me when I just write first and edit later. If I start to put pressure on myself, it makes it that much harder!

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Thanks for sharing. I completely understand, so glad you got a take away :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/vicki.m.taylor Vicki M. Taylor

    Excellent advice. Love the emotion and excitement on the post. Thanks!

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Thanks Vicki! Glad we could connect on Twitter too :)

  • Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.co

    Using an editorial calendar, even if it’s just to save titles or topics to write about for the future, has really helped me break past writer’s block. As long as I have a dozen or so ideas to write about, something’s bound to spark my creativity. But when I have nothing on the calendar? Oh wow, I spend hours trying to think of something to write about!

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      That’s why I keep a trusty little folder in Evernote…. I love Evernote :) Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to chatting more in the future.

  • Victoria

    This was a really helpful post.
    I write a live music blog and I am confronted with a different sort of writers block. While I’m at a show, I often think two things, first that I’ll remember every song and every nuance of what the musicians and the crowd are doing, and, two, that nobody will be interested in a post about this because I’ve written about this band before and what else is there to say?

    So, here’s how I deal with those gremlins in my head — I take notes! I make a very conscious decision at the beginning of each show whether I want to write about it or not. If I don’t, then I just let all the details go and enjoy the show. But, if I decide I might want to write about it, I jot down notes in the NOTES section in my iPhone. What frequently happens is that I think I don’t remember a thing about the show and I didn’t take enough notes to really report on the experience. But I am surprised every single time. The few little details I jot down prove to jog my memory and put me back in the experience with the musicians, the crowd and the venue. I’ve slowly been adopting this type of quick note taking in all parts of my life. Just writing down a few ideas based on things that happen frees me from having to remember every single thing that happens in my day that I might want to use for inspiration at a later date!

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Victoria, that’s an excellent practice! It serves me well, and I’m sure it does you too :)

  • Donna Trinder

    Fab, helpful post!
    I often get stuck on what to write/blog about more than how to write!

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Donna, glad you liked it ;) Hope some of these tips help the how and what of writing for you!

  • Yvonne Hertzberger

    And don’t compare yourself to others – they are not you and have a different voice.

    • Bonnie Andrews

      Right on!

  • tiroberts

    Bonnie, you’ve shared some great tips here. I do suffer from the occasional writers block and what I do to get over is to just start writing whatever pops into my head, even if it has nothing to do with the topic I’m writing about.

    I recently did this while writing a guest post and it turned out pretty good. Lol. As long as I just start typing and get my thoughts flowing, I can overcome it pretty easily.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips and welcome to the bizsugar community! Glad you shared this piece with us and glad to have you. :)


  • http://twitter.com/TacklingOurDebt TacklingOurDebt

    “Do you do everything else before you write?” Yes, that is me!

    Like right now I should be writing a script for a short video and I keep putting it off.

    At certain times of the day the words just come to me and other times it is a struggle to create a post, and ends up taking twice as long.

    I should give the warm up idea a try.

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      I hear you on the ‘certain times it just comes.’ The warm ups help get me focused (I have a tendency to wander profusely when I need to focus!) ;)

  • http://twitter.com/SarahFitab Sarah

    Great tips! Thank you! I always wonder what to write….then I end up writing too much! haha

    • Bonnie Andrews

      What a great problem! Glad you stopped by :)

  • http://twitter.com/ekeybiz EKey

    Good article! All of these reasons point to why writers you usually have a drink or two during the process to loosen up. Haha