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Information Overload! Which Social Platforms Should You Really Be Using?


Overwhelemd by all the social media marketing platforms?

If I Don’t Belong Everywhere, then Where Do I Belong?

Have you ever walked into a fabulous buffet for dinner and been overwhelmed by all the competing options, delicious smells and well-stocked varieties? Well, that’s what social media is like. It’s like that delicious buffet that is sure to fill you to the top – and even overflowing – but most of the time you just don’t even know where to begin.

Just like you would at the inviting buffet you surf around, check things out and eye the best fitting social platforms. After you give everything a look over, here is what typically happens:

(And don’t laugh because I know everyone of you is guilty of this to some degree.)

    • You see what other people have on their plates
    • You take a look over and generally start with whatever you see on their plates (usually because you see them having success there too)
    • You pick up your plate and proceed to fill…

Then the inevitable happens. You kill yourself on the first “round” and it all goes downhill from there. You pick one social media entree, but you can’t sit down with only one entree on your plate! You can’t just take that plate and go enjoy every bite, you have to have a few sides and salad and dessert and before you know it you have 20 social media platforms you’re  trying to cram onto your plate.


You don’t belong everywhere, at least not just yet! (Not until you have other people filling plates for you!) When you take a look at the plate you just filled while you were on hyper-drive it looks pretty disgusting. All the food is mixing together, some of it’s probably falling of the plate. You have hot food mixing with cold food, sweet with savory and the mess goes on. It’s a pretty disgusting imagery, right?

Who would EVER eat off a buffet plate that looks like that?

That’s exactly my point – no one. No one wants to interact with your half-baked profiles.

Your automated information and your lack of directly addressing your audience’s specific needs is screaming out in disgust – just because you think you have to have everything and be everywhere at the same time.  You’re a startup. Don’t commit social suicide before you’ve established who you are! No one wants to interact with a business who doesn’t make their “social media plates” appetizing.

Find the BEST Fit for You and Your Business

Don’t overload your plate. It’s ugly, it’s distasteful and no one wants to ‘eat’ from it when it’s just a chaotic mess of everything. If you really want to know where you should be investing your time to nurture your target market and build profitable relationships then you can download my “Social Media Marketing Quick Start Guide” and get filling your plate with the platforms that are right for you – right now. Because it’s true, you don’t belong everywhere, at least until there is more than one of two of you running the show.

I usually sell this guide, but right now you can get it FREE if you simply tweet about it or share it on Facebook. I will teach you the reach and power of the most popular social media networks and then help you determine the best fit fordriving traffic and business to your brand. It will help you choose your perfect fit, a place where you don’t feel overwhelmed and a place where EVERYTHING you share helps you grow your business. Life is already rough as a startup. Don’t make it more difficult by overloading your social media too. 




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Bonnie Andrews

Bonnie Andrews

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  • http://inspiretothrive.com/ Lisa Buben

    Oh yes, I did a post in December on which social websites to ditch in 2013 to save time. You can only be in so many places at once. You can really get overhwelmed if you are on too many places. And how can you form relationships if you are everywhere? I’m sticking with Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and G+. I ditched Digg and Stumble Upon for the most part :)

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Lisa, thanks for stopping by. I checked out your post and agree that it’s important to ditch any social site that isn’t driving traffic. We definitely have to remember that traffic is good but profitable traffic is even better…