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Don’t You Quit! One Tip to Guarantee Startup Success

Get More Clients with Marketing PlansThe last time I purchased a gym membership, I was stoked! I KNEW it was finally time to pull out that ‘P90X’ lookin’ bod and strut my stuff. Needless to say…

I was a total bust! (And unfortunately it wasn’t the first time.)

It’s a familiar pattern for most of us. We get all pumped up. We start whatever it is that’s going to transform our lives and then we quit! For some reason we just can’t hang on. It’s so hard to understand.

  • The motivation is there
  • We want to achieve results SOOOO badly
  • We know we would give anything to make it happen

But we just cant get over that mid-of-the-way hump! So I am here to say:

Don’t You Dare Quit!

Whatever stage of startup you’re in – don’t you dare quit! You may be in incubation or launch or maybe your even a year or two into it. Don’t walk until you try one more thing – surround yourself with excellence. And I mean excellence in every way shape and form: excellent manners, excellent thoughts, excellent planning, excellent execution, but most importantly an EXCELLENT TEAM!

Your startup business deserves to succeed. YOU deserve to succeed. And that requires excellence, which you are completely capable of with the right people at your side. Don’t go tell me you don’t have the money to hire someone, or the time to train. I already addressed those issues in this series of startup team articles – you HAVE the solutions. Now it just boils down to plain-old action. (If you missed those articles, you can find their links under the author box at the bottom of the page.)

Not only do you need a team or assistant to help propel your startup success, you need people who are excellent! Maybe they have raw talent, or they’re already the best in their field, either way what they bring to the table must surround all of you with excellence and what you offer as chief of your business, can be no less.

3 Ways to Get and Give Excellence

As the chief, you must be a great leader and produce great leaders in your startup.  No, I’m not just referring to a Fortune 500 executive company – I’m talking to you. You want your startup to succeed, right? You want it to reach super-star status. You want it to change your life and the life of  others, therefor, you must lead with and create excellence right now. That’s what’s going to sky rocket your success. Not later, when you think it’s time or feel more comfortable or have more resources…. The time is now.

With that, here are three principles I suggest you implement immediately to surround yourself with excellence and push your startup off the grid!

1) Chief Motivator

Drop the formal, stuffy titles. They don’t motivate you to act on anything – except your ego. The first thing you need to do is refer to yourself as ‘Chief Motivator’ of [insert your company name]. That’s right. It feels different doesn’t it? It kind of makes you want to DO something of greatness. Adopt it. Embrace it. Watch how it changes what you do every day.

Whether you have one team member or a whole slew of them, it mattereth not. Your soul job is to motivate them to excellence. The success will naturally follow. Like that gym membership I talked about earlier, I finally got a personal trainer – you can bet I high-tailed my booty into first gear. He was a chief motivator. Which brings me to another point, use POSITIVE motivation. Positive is excellence. Negative is failure. So how do you motivate? Let’s answer that with point two.

2) Be Quick to Observe

Watch, listen and feel. The most powerful form of motivation is personal feedback. When you observe, you observe strengths and weaknesses, then FOCUS on the strengths – the positive – and make gentle corrections where needed. A GOOD personal trainer is a perfect example for us. They watch, listen and feel and because of that they are able to produce excellent results, which boosts the confidence and strength of the clients they work with.

Boost the confidence and strength of your team by being quick to observe.

How do you feel when someone really listens? How do you feel when someone senses something you might need or a strength that you have? You feel pretty darn good, I hope. Likewise, so will the team you’ve surrounded  yourself with. Surround them with excellence by offering positive feedback and motivation through being quick to observe.

3) Communicate!

Communicate: a technique for expressing ideas effectively.

Note this definition uses, ‘expressing’ not discussing. There are many, many ways to express. Explore them. Appeal to every sense: see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Communicate with your team using visuals, food, words, gestures etc. When you learn to articulate your communication by regularly tapping into the different senses, you will see that excellence will follow you like a little puppy follows it’s mother for milk. Or in my case, as a repeat gym offender, that I am finally transformed because of a personal trainer who motivates, observes and communicates.

So get out there, hire a team that has the potential to surround you with excellence. Even in raw form because remember you are the master artist, the results driven personal trainer and the Chief Motivator. What you do and say will change the course of your business. Your team and these three steps will help you MAX that startup potential.

Comment and let me know if you agree ;)


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photo credit: the Halfwitboy via photopin cc

Bonnie Andrews

Bonnie Andrews

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  • http://twitter.com/Jeff_Machado Jeff Machado

    I absolutely love the idea of a Chief Motivator! There’s a lot of “stretching” required to be successful and a great motivator can make it happen. I see this meaning that you might have to make someone feel a bit uncomfortable to push them beyond what they think they’re capable of but it rewards so many dividends.

    Thanks for the post Bonnie!

    • http://www.maxthatmarketing.com/ Bonnie Andrews

      Jeff, thanks for stopping by. Glad to connect. ‘Chief Motivator’ is what keeps me on track and the people I work with happy too (at least most of the time…). I definitely agree with pushing the boundaries.

  • http://www.bizsugar.com/ Heather Stone

    Ah Bonnie,

    It’s only too true. Thanks for the positive reinforcement. Quitting is so easy. That’s why everybody does it. Worse yet, there are times when we need to be realistic, to quit an approach or a strategy that’s not working. That doesn’t mean quitting all together, of course, but very often the real challenge is knowing the right time to quit and the right time to hold your ground.